Important points to understand why store cheese in cheese paper

The waxy packaging that you buy cheese in is called a cheese paper. It is coated with polyethylene and wax. This combination creates a barrier which keeps excess moisture from the cheese while allowing it to “breath.” So why store cheese with cheese paper? It will solve a lot of storage problems.

Keep the cheese from excess moisture

The ideal way to wrap your cheese is in a cheese paper. The wrapping should be about three times bigger than the cheese. The process of wrapping the cheese requires the following items: The cheese to be wrapped, scissors, masking tape, and a cheese paper. The cheese paper is cut into a square shape. The cheese is then placed diagonally with the thin side placed towards the center of the cheese paper.

The cheese paper is wrapped tightly around the cheese. Close the final flap with a tape to secure the wrapping. Hard cheeses should be stored in a plastic bag that is open after wrapping them in cheese paper. This will keep them from losing moisture. If the cheese sweats a lot, you should change the wrapping every time you open to efficiently maintain the freshness.

Let the Cheese “breathe”

Aside from allowing some air into the cheese, cheese paper also prevents it from drying. It maintains the freshness of the cheese longer. Among other natural smells, cheese also releases ammonia. If not well aerated, not only will it taste like plastic but it will also have the scent and flavor of ammonia. Wrapping it loosely will make it dry out and harden. This is another reason as to why store cheese with cheese paper.

Maintain the flavor of the cheese

Wrapping cheese with plastic will give it a plastic taste. If you buy cheese and it came with a plastic package, you should make sure to transfer it to the cheese paper. It is very handy to buy a role of cheese paper if you often buy a lot of cheese. Because of its mostly fat and oil composition, it can acquire the taste of plastic.

You can also save the cheese paper if the cheese you buy is packaged in one. When the cheese is finished, you only need to clean the paper without soaking it and then dry it by either air drying or blotting.

The blue cheese with its stronger taste should be stored away from the other cheeses after wrapping in cheese paper. For better storage it should be double wrapped. It should then be put inside a plastic container.

Packaging with similar effect to cheese paper

In case getting cheese, paper is too much trouble, you can easily mimic its effect using wax paper or parchment. This should then be kept in a sealed plastic container or a plastic bag. This will still not be as efficient as a cheese paper and therefore giving another answer to why store cheese with cheese paper question.

If you find you need to use and have a lot of cheese in your kitchen, a cheese paper should always be part of your plan. It is an essential part of ensuring you maintain your cheese as fresh as possible for longer.

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