Ways to Consume Psilocybe cubensis, Psychoactive compound, Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms are valued and loved for their mental effect. The Psychoactive component in them would help improve your mental health by dealing with your depression and anxiety, as well as cluster headaches. Like other plants containing psychoactive components, psilocybe cubensis can be consumed in many ways. The common ones and easy to follow would include the following. 

  1. Chewing and swallowing method. 

This is the easiest way of consuming your magic mushrooms. The juices should come out as you chew them in your mouth, your saliva causing the mushroom to release its psychoactive compound. Before chewing the mushrooms, you should avoid food for a few hours. This would help you feel its psychoactive effects faster. 

  1. Brewing your Magic mushrooms in tea. 

Here, the magic mushrooms come first, and the process involves the following steps. 

  1. Crush as much of the mushroom as you would desire.  
  1. After you are done crushing them, boil water as many cups again as you would want to serve, of course with a little extra for the boiling process.  
  1. Add the crushed mushrooms to your boiling water. The mixture should remain at a low temperature, so reduce; immediately you add the mushroom powder, the heat. Ensure the boiling activity is little. This keeps the significant compound of the mushrooms active. 
  1. After ten minutes, your magic mushroom is ready, take it as you would tea. 

(You can as well use the crushed powder in a cup of tea as fits your desire). 

  1. Add the mushrooms to your food. 

To avoid the taste of the magic mushrooms, yet enjoy their effects, adding little portions of them in your edibles would give you the ideal feel. There is no process to follow since you are topping your meals for the psychoactive feeling. 

As you would spice your food for a spicy taste, add your magic mushrooms to your meals, and to fit several meals, you can powder them and add the powdered mushrooms to the meal it so best would be required. 

  1. Taking the magic mushrooms through the nose. 

Snorting is another method that you would use to enjoy your magic mushrooms. As with learning a new skill, snorting magic mushrooms could be uncomfortable but the more you use this method, the easier it gets. 

  1. You can take your mushrooms in capsules. 

This method is best if you want to control your dose of the magic mushrooms. Making the capsules would prove quite a task but as soon as you are done grinding your mushrooms into powder, a capsule machine would help you pack your powder as per your desired quantities. 

  1. Eat magic mushrooms delicacies. 

Chocolates and snacks infiltrated with magic mushrooms or better still, psilocybe cubensis would be available for you if you want to escape the processes of making up your powder or eating your mushrooms with food. 

The above proves the commonest and easiest ways to consume magic mushrooms. You would no doubt choose the method that fits your resources, environment, and the desired end of your use. The methods vary in their duration of effectiveness. 

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